Eve and Joaquin

Eve Allums and Joaquin Stewart-Soriano

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Hi, we’re San Jose State students Joaquin Stewart-Soriano and Eve Allums. We invite you to enjoy this short film about Joaquin and the film, the blue and the beyond, that he and over 100 of his fellow students produced.

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Did you enjoy the video about Joaquin and the blue and the beyond? Even though he’s not graduating until May, Joaquin is already working at Nimble Collective, Inc. as a content marketing designer. He’s using the skills he learned in SJSU’s amazing illustration/animation program.

We want to thank you for all you’ve done for SJSU students. We also want to paint a picture for you of what you will continue to do when you give to your college. You are holding a student’s future in your hands. You are planting a seed that helps prepare us to make a difference in our world.

As you’ll remember from your years here, that’s exactly what San Jose State students want to do: We work hard in our majors so we will be well-prepared to make the world a better place.

It all starts with the excellent academic education and practical experience we’re privileged to get here at SJSU. Thank you so much for your crucial role in this! Joaquin is thrilled to be working in an exciting job in his chosen field, thanks to the long, hard hours he spent in what is one of the premier animation/illustration programs in the nation. Go to believeinyourbeyond.com to enjoy the incredible, award-winning film Blue and Beyond that Joaquin and more than 100 of his classmates created!

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Eve Allums, ’17 Political Science and Human Rights

Joaquin Stewart-Soriano, ’17 Animation/Illustration