Priorities and Greatest Needs

Spartan Voices

SJSU is a step in my ladder of success!

- Melissa Rios, '11 Broadcast Journalism

San Jose State's ability to achieve its potential and to fulfill its commitments to our students and the region is highly dependent on your generosity. Our future ambitions build on the past and leverage our enormous possibilities. Below is a list of our most critical priorities.

Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Scholarship

San Jose State's talented faculty are outstanding classroom teachers and have an impressive record of research and scholarship. However, superb faculty -- both tenured and promising young professors -- have many options today. In the California State University system, they are constantly asked to do more with less, and while San Jose is set in one of the most exciting regions in the U.S., it is also one of the most expensive. To ensure an exceptional learning environment, we must have the endowment resources to compete for the top-tier teachers and researchers who will educate the next generations.

Investments in faculty, institutes, centers and programs are central to our strategic goals. Private funding will allow the university to expand beyond basic state funding to respond more creatively and flexibly to the emerging needs of our students and the region. Endowments will foster new private-public partnerships, bring emerging technologies to campus and encourage exciting cross-disciplinary collaborations among our faculty.

An Investment in Students

San Jose State is a vibrant, student-centered campus enriched by exemplary student support services. We continue to seek the privately funded scholarships that will provide the gift of education to undergraduates, expand undergraduate research and internships, and motivate the advanced studies of graduate students through fellowships. 

In all these areas and more, we seek an infusion of new resources through initiatives such as undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships, as well as outstanding facilities and programs designed to ensure student success.

Gateway to Silicon Valley and Beyond

San Jose State is already a global laboratory.  We have an extraordinary advantage -- because of our location and the communities and industries in our region. Now we must leverage the diverse backgrounds and experiences that our students bring to campus and the multiple talents of our faculty into something even greater. 

Recognizing that our location in Silicon Valley affords unprecedented opportunities for local, national and international partnerships, SJSU seeks additional private investments in several critical areas including study abroad and research exchanges, and community-based partnerships and service to name just two.