Brieann and Darien

Brieann and Darien

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“Everyone needs to participate. Make the world a better place,” is what my eight year-old son, Andres, wrote on a sign he held fervently during the march we did together last spring.

Isn’t that what we all want to do: make the world a better place?

Hi, I’m San Jose State student Brieann De Ornellas. Fellow student Darien Young and I want to let you know how you help us do just that when you give to the SJSU Fund.

We invite you to watch this short video to see the impact your gifts have on the lives of SJSU students.

Thank you for watching!

Now a little about us. My life’s been hard, but it has made me a strong woman determined to work for positive social change. I’ve experienced homelessness and inner-city street violence, worked fulltime after dropping out of school at age 15, and kept my summa cum laude grades last semester while being treated for breast cancer.

I work hard because I want to set a positive example for my son. I am determined to influence public policy through ethnographic research. Over summer I worked with anthropologists to get federal recognition of the Muwekma Ohlone tribe.

Hi, I’m Darien Young, math major and second-generation (my dad got his master’s degree in biology) SJSU student. I don’t do archeological digs like Brieann, but I do dig into mathematical figures and statistical methods. I focus on actuarial science and economics. And because my parents taught me the meaning of love, respect, honesty and hard work, I also intend to work to make a positive difference in society.

That’s what you do when you give to the SJSU Fund. You help prepare students to make the world a better place. Gifts to the SJSU Fund provide scholarships (thank you from scholarship recipients Brieann and me!) and funding that supports numerous opportunities for SJSU students. Last year, 31 student organizations were awarded a total of $37,465 for activities that range from tutoring nursing school classmates to building Quadcopters!

Through your gifts, you empower and change lives, not just our own, but all whose lives we will impact as we go out to make that crucial difference. Please give to the SJSU Fund today.

Thank you!

Brieann DeOrnellas, ’17 Anthropology

Darien Young, ’18 Math