Darien and Brieann

Brieann and Darien

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Hi, I’m Darien Young, math major and second-generation SJSU student. I intend to be an actuary helping companies and individuals manage risk, and I’m also eager to work to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable people either here or abroad.

When you give to the SJSU Fund, you are helping us have those empowering and life-changing experiences that prepare us to spur growth in our career fields, and in our communities. Please watch this short video to see the unforgettable journey you help create for us.

Thank you for watching! Hi, I’m anthropology major Brieann DeOrnellas. Your gifts to the SJSU Fund provide SJSU students like Darien and me with programs, services and opportunities that enrich our rigorous academics and make us well-rounded individuals ready to take on the world.

I’m almost ready to make my impact on our world because I graduate this year. My work over the summer as an anthropologist solidified my determination to do ethnographic research that influences public policy.

When you give to the SJSU Fund, you help prepare students like Darien and me to be effective in our careers and in making the world a better place for all of us.

Darien here, chiming in again. Some of that preparation you help enable includes opportunities for personal and professional growth. Thanks to gifts to the SJSU Fund, last year 31 student organizations received a total of $37,465 for activities that range from tutoring nursing school classmates to building Quadcopters. Gifts also help students to attend SJSU—Brieann and I are so thankful to be scholarship recipients!

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Thank you!

Darien Young, ’18 Mathematics

Brieann DeOrnellas, ’17 Anthropology