Success Stories

Adaptive Technology Center

rick becker with student

Attending San José State was a dream come true. And the dream brought me to places that I never thought I’d be as an undergraduate. What has ended up happening is that I’ve become a nurse leader. If not for the Adaptive Technology Center, none of this would have been possible.

–Rick Becker, '12 nursing

Read about how donor support of the Adaptive Technology Center helped Rick Becker become a nurse leader.

Guardian Scholars Program

educational opportunity program lobbyWith the life I was given and the childhood I grew up in, the perfect fit for me is to become a counselor or some sort of educator, or anyone who deals with children—maybe a social worker. I need to prove to kids like me that just because they’re given one type of life doesn’t mean they have to aspire to certain job roles, or that they can’t aspire to be a doctor or an engineer.

–Israel, ’12 Computer Engineering

Part of the Educational Opportunity Program, the Guardian Scholars Program has helped over 3,000 former foster youths to make college a reality. Read more about Guardian Scholars.

Humanities Honors Program

humanities honors programOften, when people go to college they’re involved in one particular field. There's not much crossing of borders. The Humanities Honors Program offers the crossing of borders that leads to the larger view. You get a sense of what it means to be human.

- Mark Tansey, artist

Because of generous donor support, the Humanities Honors Program will continue to inspire young people Read about the Humanities Honors Program.