• The Social Innovation Leadership Forum (SILF) hosted “Design Thinking for Social Innovation: the case of Affordable Tuition” featuring Leslie Speer, Industrial Design Professor, SJSU. The event was held at the SJSU Lucas Business Complex on February 17, 2017.

  • In February, Dr. Osland and co-authors won the Best Paper Award at the Western Academy of International Business Conference for “A Multi-country Study of Repatriate Characteristics in the Repatriate Knowledge Transfer Process.”

  • In May, Dr. Osland taught two workshops at the Qatar Intercultural Communication Institute in Doha, entitled “Leading Across Cultures” and “Developing Intercultural Competence in Oneself and Others.”

  • Advances in Global Leadership, vol. 10, co-edited by Joyce Osland, Mark Mendenhall & Ming Li (Emerald) was released in August 2017.

  • Global Leadership: Research, Practices, and Development, 3rd Edition to be released in Summer 2017.

  • Seven master’s students from Leuphana University in Germany joined twenty four SJSU MBA students for a four day GLLab in early-March 2017.

Updated 7/7/17