• Carol Bartz, former President of Yahoo!, will be answering questions in our Global Leadership Speaker Series on April 18, 2016.  Please be sure to register here if you are interested.

  • Dr. Osland won the Excellence in International Education Research Award from the APCA College Student International’s Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development, 2016.

  • Twelve master students from Leuphana University joined twenty-four SJSU-MBA students for a week-long GLLab in mid-March 2015. The event was observed by three visiting international scholars.

  • Dr. Juergen Deters, an expert on assessment centers, is a visiting Global Leadership Scholar-in-Residence in Fall semester 2014 from Leuphana University. 

  • Advances in Global Leadership, vol. 8, co-edited by Joyce Osland, Ming Li & Ying Wang (Emerald) won an award for Scientific Rigor and Critical thinking. Volume 9, co-edited by Joyce Osland, Ming Li & Mark Mendenhall is currently in press.

  • Over 100 SJSU students are enrolled in GLAC’s Global Leadership Passport Program.  A Gateway Workshop for new enrollees will be held April 8th, 2016. Please be sure to register here if you are interested.

  • The 2015 Social Innovation Leadership Forum was held at SJSU Lucas Business Complex on November 20, 2015.

  • Seven masters students from Leuphana University in Germany joined sixteen SJSU MBA students for a week-long GLLab in early-March 2016.


Updated 3/4/2016