Global Leadership Passport Program

What is the GL Passport Program?
A unique opportunity to develop global leadership skills and a global mindset by participating in our GLLab Assessment Center and by taking advantage of SJSU’s global and cross-cultural courses and activities. When students earn a minimum of 14 stamps, they are issued a virtual GLAC Passport and letter describing the program’s requirements and benefits to prospective employers.

Two Ways to Enter the Program: 

  1. Global Leadership Gateway Workshop offered every semester. To receive notification of the next available workshop, please complete a Contact Us form.
  1. Academic course: BUS165A

Who Can Apply?
All SJSU undergraduate and graduate students

Eligible Courses and Organizations
Various courses, clubs, organizations and programs are eligible of credit toward a GL Passport Program stamp. Supporting Courses for Passport lists SJSU courses and International Organizations and Programs.pdf  list organizations and programs that can earn stamps in the GL Passport Program.

Register online and we will contact you shortly.

Phone: (408) 924-3582