Global Leadership Passport Program


Program Overview

The GL Passport Program offers a unique opportunity for all students - undergraduate and graduate across all disciplines - to develop their global leadership skills and enrich their global mindset and be recognized for their accomplishments.

To kick off participation in the Passport Program, a student needs to complete BUS 165A Global Leadership, BUS 262A Global Leadership & Innovation, or enroll in a one-day Global Leadership Gateway Workshop offered once per semester.

Then it’s time to explore new territories! Passport holders earn stamps for off-campus experiences such as study abroad, community service projects in unfamiliar ethnic settings, and participating in a global project.

On campus, more than 350 SJSU international courses, culture clubs, student organizations, and events qualify for a Passport stamp. From language studies to culture clubs; from international fraternities to study abroad, all offer new perspectives and opportunities for students to raise their global awareness.

Once the student has 14 stamps, GLAC creates a virtual passport and personal letter describing the program’s requirements and benefits and commends the student's achievements to prospective employers. Students choose the courses and activities that attract and inspire global learning and complement their personal career goals.

Whether students earn 1 stamp or all 14, all Passport program participants expand their horizons through cross-cultural experiences and gain valuable knowledge about themselves and their world.

Registration is free. For more information, please complete this short form to start a dialog with GLAC.

Please contact the GLAC office with your questions
Phone: (408) 924-3582