Global Leadership Passport Program

This unique student opportunity takes advantage of SJSU's global and cross-cultural co-curricular activities and courses to develop a global mindset and global leadership skills. After participating in courses or workshops that help students assess their skill level, they design a personal development plan. Students earn required passport stamps in global leadership competencies for approved courses, programs, experiences, projects, and e-portfolio reflections. Once they earn the requisite number and combination of stamps, they are awarded a stamped passport that explains the program requirements and benefits to prospective employers. The passport demonstrates that students enter the workplace with a solid foundation that prepares them for global work.

Who Can Apply: All SJSU undergraduate and graduate students

How to Enter the Program: Register as usual for these academic courses --BUS165A, BUS297D -- or sign up for the program's Gateway Workshops. The Gateway Workshops will be announced on this webpage and in the GLAC office in the Business Tower 050.

How to Track Your Progress: After completing the courses or the workshop, register here so you can use the program guide to plot out your personal development plan and monitor your progress.

Program Requirements:

  • Please register

  • Earn 130 equivalency hours that include:

  • At least one activity in each competency category:

    1. Global Knowledge Base

    2. Leadership Base

    3. Global Attitudes and Values

    4. Global Interpersonal Skills

    5. Global System Skills

  • At least one activity in each of these delivery methods:

    1. GLLAB (Global Leadership Laboratory) modules offered by GLAC

    2. Approved SJSU courses (no more than 3 courses in addition to either BUS 165A or BUS297D)

    3. Approved SJSU programs

    4. Approved SJSU experiences and projects

    5. E-Portfolio reflections

  • All activities, other than academic courses, require reflection assignments in an e-portfolio to develop the habit of self-reflection found in successful leaders.

If you have questions, please contact the program coordinator, Jeff Gaines, at (408)924-3531 or Feel free to drop by the GLAC office in the Business Tower Room 050, although the office is not always staffed.