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GLAC promotes cutting edge research to advance the field of global leadership in multiple ways. GLAC is a repository for research and teaching materials related to global leadership. From this web page, scholars and future global leaders can access a wide range of online books and publications as well as postings regarding research awards and events.

One valuable resource on this site is the Global Leadership Bibliography, a master reading list of more than 150 articles and books by researchers and professionals from around the globe. Note that many of these publications are authored by SJSU educators and researchers. This list is updated each summer. If you have published something that we missed, please let us know at

GLAC Faculty Publications Index

Faculty members are experts in the disciplines of global business leadership, human resource development and management, and intercultural communications. In addition to many authoritative text books, they published articles, case studies, and contribute content and editorial reviews to work done by affiliates. For a comprehensive list of over 150 publications authored by GLAC staff, please see the list of GLAC Faculty Publications.

Research Support and Recognition

As a vibrant hub for scholarly research and educational excellence, GLAC promotes and supports the field of global leadership in various ways.

The GLAC Scholar-in-Residence program hosts professors from other universities who spend their research sabbaticals or short-term periods working with GLAC faculty and GLAC staff.

Professors affiliated with other universities and organizations may also participate in GLAC research projects and programs as a designated GLAC Research Fellow.

Sharing research findings with peers and bestowing recognition for outstanding work and achievement in the field also serve to rapidly proliferate and advance research conclusions.

Each year since 2009, GLAC helps to advance the field by acknowledging the Best Global Leadership Article or Best Global Leadership Dissertation, authored by professors and scholars of global leadership. The awards committee reviews dozens of entries from emerging and established scholars, all vying for recognition from their peers.

Please visit the Research Awards Page to learn more about the winners

Global Leadership Symposia

Over the past decade, SJSU has been represented at numerous symposia focused on global leadership. GLAC educators joined other experts in global leadership for intensive workshops and seminars focused on promoting and demonstrating the basic tenets of the GLAC program mission.

For information on these and other GLAC programs, please email

New Releases – Top Picks:

Global Leadership: Research, Practice, and Development (Global HRM)

Edited by Mark E. MendenhallJoyce OslandAllan BirdGary R. OddouMichael J. StevensMartha MaznevskiGünter K. Stahl.

This text focuses on leading across cultural, economic, social, national, and political boundaries simultaneously. Global Leadership presents the field’s latest studies and practices in a succinct and engaging style that helps scholars, managers, and students grasp the complexities of being a global leader.

Advances in Global Leadership

Written and edited by Joyce S. Osland and edited by Mark E. Mendenhall and Ming Li

Volume 10 of Advances in Global Leadership continues to advance both global leadership research and practice by bridging and integrating conceptual and practitioner perspectives to provide a deeper understanding of this rapidly growing field of study. 



Global Leadership Talent Management: Successful Selection of Global Leadership Talents as an Integrated Process

By Jürgen Deters

This book illustrates integrated practices and success factors of effective Global Leadership Talent Management procedures and shows how to balance the opposing forces of global harmonization and local responsiveness. It describes how global organizations can develop an integrative conceptual framework for the (global) talent management process that sees this as an ongoing acquisition process.

Disruptive Leadership: Apple and the Technology of Caring Deeply: Nine Keys to Organizational Excellence and Global Impact

By Rich Kao

Disruptive leadership is a topic generating intense interest. Companies all over the world are trying to upend their industry through innovative products and services. In this highly readable and engaging book, a disruptive leadership framework is proposed in which caring deeply is placed at the center of the model.