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Research Bibliography

Global Leadership Research Bibliography

Global Leadership Development


Aracruz Cellulose Stakeholder Simulation. Reade, C., Todd, A.M., Osland, A. & Osland, J. (2008) “Poverty and the multiple stakeholder challenge for global leaders,” Journal of Management Education, 32(6): 820-840.


Creating Future Global Leaders, (World Economic Forum) SHRM Foundation. For more information, visit the Society for Human Relationship Management web site.

Training Software

Cultural Detective: Increase Productivity Strengthen Relationships. For more information, visit the Cultural Detective web site.

Useful Teaching Resources

Intercultural Communication Institute. For a list of teaching resources visit the Intercultural Communication Institute web site.
Academy of Management: International Management Division, Course syllabi and ideas on how to teach international business/management, visit the International Management Division Teaching resources web site.

Assessment Instruments Reviews
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Instruments to Assess Global Leadership Competencies

Instruments to Assess Cultural Differences

Instruments to Assess Intercultural Adaptability
  • NEO PI-R (Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.)

  • CPI (California Psychological Inventory; Consulting Psychologists Press)

  • CCAI (Cross Cultural Adaptability Inventory; Pearson Assessment)

  • The Attitudinal and Behavioral Openness Scale (Caligiuri & Associates)

  • IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory; Hammer Consulting)

  • OAI (Overseas Assignment Inventory; Prudential Financial)

  • MPQ (Multicutural Personality Questionnaire (van der Zee & van Oudenhoven)

  • IRC (Intercultural Readiness Check; van der Zee & van Oudenhoven)

  • SAGE (Self-Assessment for Global Endeavors; Caligiuri and Associates)

  • Category Width (Detweiler, 1978; Pettigrew, 1955)

  • Cognitive Complexity (Bieri et al., 1966)

  • Social Interest Scale (Crandall, 1975)

  • Tolerance of Ambiguity Scale (Budner, 1962)

  • Attitude Toward Diversity Scale (Montei, Adams & Eggers, 1996)

  • Acceptance of Others Scale (Fey, 1955)

  • Cosmopolitanism (Hannerz , 1992, 2000)

  • Jackson Personality Inventory (Jackson, 1974)

  • Valuing Differences (Miville et al., 1999; Fuertes et al., 2000)