Global Leadership Gateway Workshop

This one day hands-on workshop will prepare students for global work and an international experience. They are taught by Dr. Joyce Osland, Lucas Endowed Professor of Global Leadership and Executive Director of the Global Leadership Advancement Center.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding Global Leadership
  • Decoding Culture
  • Communication Across Cultures
  • Influencing Global Stakeholders
  • Creating a Passport Roadmap (personal development plan)

Workshop Includes

  • Entry into the Global Leadership Passport Program
  • Assessment Instruments
  • Skills based executive-style training
  • Lunch

How to Register
These workshops are offered once a semester. To receive notification of the next available Gateway workshop, please complete a Contact Us form.


Global Leadership Passport Program
This program is a unique opportunity to develop leadership competencies by taking advantage of SJSU’s global and cross-cultural courses and activities. Once students earn the requisite number of virtual stamps, they receive a letter for prospective employers describing their achievements. Students earn required passport stamps for approved global courses, programs, experiences, projects, and e-portfolio reflections. The culminating activity is a social innovation or global leadership project. Completing the Passport Program will help you distinguish yourself in the job market!