Growing Tomorrow's Global Leaders in Silicon Valley

The GLLab (Global Leadership Laboratory) is a state-of-the-art Global Leadership assessment center. The GLLab works in conjunction with external partners to research and disseminate the best methods for developing global leaders.

The GLLab provides assessment, training modules, and simulations to educate students and professionals to be more effective in global contexts. Our training modules are based on empirical research and developed in consultation with world-renowned experts. The GLLab serves as a beta-site for training companies. The international diversity of the Bay Area and SJSU's student body is leveraged through community-based learning projects and leadership opportunities.


German-US Global Leadership Lab

Since 2009, International HRM students from Leuphana University have joined SJSU MBA students for an annual 5-day GLLAB.   

GLLab Programs for Other Universities

Student groups from other universities travel to San José State University to take part in GLLab programs. If you're interested in arranging these programs, please contact us.