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The Global Leadership Advancement Center is funded by the Donald and Sally Lucas Foundation. We are very grateful for their foresight and support.

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Joyce Osland 
Executive Director, GLAC 
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Did You Know Silicon Valley?

Did you know Silicon Valley?

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Global leadership is the process of influencing the thinking, attitudes, and behaviors of a global community to work together synergistically toward a common vision and common goals. (Astin & Leland, 1991; Adler, 2001) 

Our mission is advancing, fostering and disseminating knowledge on global leadership and its development. GLAC programs fall into three categories:

  • Knowledge Creation and Dissemination,

  • Development and Training

  • Social Innovation Initiative

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The center promotes cutting-edge research via annual symposia, best article and dissertation awards, and website resources. GLAC's web site presents a bibliographic resource list of global leadership research and developmental activities for researchers, teachers and trainers.


The Global Leadership Laboratory is a state-of-the-art assessment center that develops global skills in SJSU students, visiting university groups, and external groups via assessment, training, coaching, mentoring, experiential learning, and global projects. The GLLab works in conjunction with external partners to research and disseminate the best methods for developing global leaders.

Global Leadership Passport Program

The Global Leadership Passport Program, open to all SJSU students, assesses their global skills and steers them to campus courses, programs, speaker series, and experiences that prepare them for global work.

Social Innovation Initiative

This initiative leverages the symbiotic relationship among Silicon Valley innovators, San Jose State University, social entrepreneurs, the city of San Jose, foundations, and other innovation organizations to encourage and train people to apply technology and innovation for the good of the local community.