Programs for Students

Global Leadership Passport Program
This unique student opportunity takes advantage of SJSU's global and cross-cultural co-curricular activities and courses to develop a global mindset and global leadership skills. After participating in courses or workshops that help students assess their skill level, they design a personal development plan (PDP). Students earn required passport stamps in global leadership competencies for approved courses, programs, experiences, projects, and e-portfolio reflections. Once they earn the requisite number and combination of stamps, they are awarded an e-passport that explains the program requirements and benefits to prospective employers. The passport demonstrates that students are already trained to work in global organizations.

Who Can Apply: All SJSU undergraduate and graduate students

How to Enter the Program: Attend a Gateway workshop, register for a global competency module or register for approved academic courses. See all eligible courses below, including BUS 165A and BUS 262A/B.

Please register here or e-mail for further questions.

Gateway Workshops:  Gateway workshops are offered at least once a semester. The next workshop date is April 8th, 2016. Click here to register!

Eligible Courses and Organizations: Various courses, clubs, organizations and programs are eligible for credit toward a GL Passport Program stamp.  There are certain approved SJSU courses, which you will find here.  Please contact us if you have any questions. 

BUS165A Global Leadership
This course, designed for students who want to prepare themselves for global work, provides a basic introduction to global leadership and its development. Its primary objective is teaching students to work effectively with people from various cultures. The content and skills taught in this course are very important given today's global economy and diverse work force. Students are assessed and receive personal feedback on global leadership knowledge, attitudes and behaviors. Taught experientially, the course involves hands-on projects and behavioral tests that assess students' leadership progress. This is a management elective as well as a required course for the Interdisciplinary Global Leadership & Innovation minor. All majors welcome. This class will be offered in Fall 2014. 

Bus262A Global Leadership and Innovation
This graduate course provides an in-depth study of global leadership and its development. It prepares students to work effectively in a complex global economy with people from various cultures. The leadership skills taught in this course are very important given today's global problems. The course utilizes modules from the GLLab and functions like an assessment center. Students receive a battery of assessments as well as personal feedback and coaching on global leadership knowledge, attitudes and competencies. The innovation aspect of the course addresses the way global leaders foster innovation and global change. Taught experientially, the course involves hands-on projects and behavioral tests that demonstrate students' leadership progress and ability to innovate. This class will be offered in Fall 2014. 

GLLab Associates/BUS 262B
The GLLab Associates program is now also referred to as BUS262B Global Leadership Development. 
Graduate students from various disciplines are selected and trained to facilitate GLLab simulations and exercises. In addition to improving their own global leader skills, they become more adept at listening, observing, giving feedback, and coaching others. Associates develop projects that improve the GLLab and work closely with GLAC faculty. 

We are very grateful to these former Associates who helped to create the GLLab: Kriti Ashok, Brian Barnhart, Ramya Chintamanibhatla, Bryan Countermine, Maria Jimenez Cespedes, David Duong, Andreea Florea, Karen Haggerty, Thejaswini Holla, Zaofashan Ijaz, Bridget Kelly, Sangeetha Krishnamoorthy, Silma Lange, Maylinn Martinez, Jason McClung, Rajendra Modkharkar, Nate Morris, Tuan Andrew Nguyen, Troy Pasion-Caiani, Yazmin Perez-Lopez, Sophia Quinones, Yoshika Rexroad, Emalynn Robinson, Dianne Robinson, David Rudel, Anu Sairaj, Ilkim Saracel, Lauren Schuetz, Jeff Vander Stucken, Brittany Trice, Ben Truong, Michael Whittington, Xin Yang, and Jacquelyn Peterson.

Interdisciplinary Global Leadership & Innovation Minor
San Jose State offers a new unique Global Leadership & Innovation minor that prepares students to be innovative leaders in domestic and global settings.