Exceptional Value

tuition cost comparison

Affordable Cost, Living Expenses & Tuition

The California State University system is one of the most affordable in the U.S.

  • Annual tuition and fees for international students (2011-12): $16,472
  • On-campus housing and other expenses: $12,000
  • TOTAL average annual costs: $28,729

Affordable Learning $olutions

The California State University system has a special program to save you 50% or more of the cost of printed textbooks when you rent digital textbooks, or e-textbooks. The rented e-Textbooks will be available to you for the entire semester of study. You can download your e-textbook on your laptop, desktop, tablet and other device. Your e-Textbooks can be accessed online or offline. In addition, they include interactive capabilities such as printing, note-taking and highlighting. Learn more about this program California State University system program at Lower Cost Publishers' Materials.