Service-Learning Designation

In addition to a Minor Curriculum Change form and the syllabus, please attach a memo briefly addressing each of the following questions (3 page maximum):

  • How will the course introduce students to the principles of service-learning?

  • What service assignment(s) will students be expected to complete? (Identify activities and/or work products expected.)

  • What community need(s) will the service address?

  • What course objective(s) will the service address?

  • What is the minimum number of hours that students will be expected to serve? (10 hours is the minimum for service-learning designation)

  • Identify potential community partner(s). If not known, describe criteria to be used to select partners. If no community organizations will be directly involved, describe how students will work with community members.

  • How will students be prepared for their service activities?

  • What activities will students be required to complete in order to integrate the learning derived from service with subject matter outcomes?

  • How will student learning from service be evaluated?