IRB Forms and Templates

Required IRB Forms and Templates

  1. IRB Application (pdf)
    Must be submitted with all IRB paperwork. Includes a Request to Use Human Subjects in Research, an Exclusion Screening Tool, and an Exemption Screening Tool.

  2. Protocol Narrative (doc)
    Must be submitted with all IRB paperwork. Provides a complete description of the methods and procedures of the proposed research.

  3. Informed Consent Handbook (pdf)
    Includes comprehensive instructions for preparing consent forms; templates for adults and parents of minors; and examples of adult, parental, and minor assent documents.
    You may also download this modifiable word version (docx) of the templates only.

  4. Verification of Translation Accuracy Form (pdf)
    Must be included with any translated documents that are submitted with the IRB protocol.

Follow-up and Registration Forms

Extension Request (pdf)
Can only be submitted after IRB approval is obtained. Investigators wishing to collect data beyond the IRB approval expiration date must file an extension request before the approval period expires.

IRB Registration - Intent to Conduct Human Subjects Research (pdf)
This form should only be used if a) you are an outside investigator that already has IRB approval from another institution to conduct your research at SJSU, or b) if you are an SJSU investigator that has IRB approval from an outside institution to conduct your research elsewhere, or c) if you are an SJSU investigator awaiting approval of a grant proposal and will submit a complete IRB protocol to the SJSU IRB prior to the initiation of the research activities.

Informational Documents

IRB Checklist
Summarizes the documents needed for IRB review and includes submission address.

Describes everything investigators need to know about the IRB process, including when IRB approval is needed and how long it takes to get approval for different kinds of research. You can also learn this information by viewing the online IRB Workshop.

IRB Handbook - School of Social Work

IRB Handbook - College of Education

IRB Process Flow Chart