CSU Research Competition

The 27th Annual CSU Student Research Competition took place on May 10 and 11, 2013 at Cal Poly Pomona.  San Jose State University sent the following students to the competition, all of whom are all to be congratuated for their participation:

Anthony Bortolazzo
Predicting Cryptic Splice Sites in Human Genes
Undergraduate, Biological Sciences (Molecular)
Advisor:  Sami Khuri

Sophia Gutierrez
Desirable or Dangerous?  The Turban’s Sojourn in the American Imaginaire, from the 1830s
Post 9/11
Undergraduate, Liberal Studies
Advisor:  Todd Perreira

Andrew Lavin
A Dual-Aspect Theory of Perception
Graduate, Philosophy
Faculty Mentor:  Anand Vaidya

Brian Maurer
Optimization of a Novel Technique to Measure Bulk Viable Biomass, Based on the Hydrolysis of Fluorescein Diacetate by Ubiquitous Enzymes
Graduate, Marine Science
Faculty Mentor:  Nick Welschmeyer
Daniel Nguyen
Highly Efficient Light-Driven P450 Biocatalysts
Undergraduate, Chemistry
Faculty Mentor:  Lionel Cheruzel
Harikrishna Patadiya
Uriel Rosas
Erik Gillenwater
PV System Performance Assessment
Undergraduates, Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Mentor:  James Mokri
Rudiger (Rudy) Schwartz
EuBCO Pseudogap Precursors: a MaxEnt-µSR Study
Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Mentor:  Carolus Boekema

The CSU Student Research Competition showcases excellent research conducted by CSU graduate and undergraduate students in the full range of academic programs offered by the CSU. Student participants conduct an oral presentation before juries of professional experts from major corporations, foundations, public agencies, and colleges and universities in California.

Cash prizes are awarded for the best presentations in each category of the competition. In addition, following the competition, selected research summaries are published in Conference Proceedings. Please note that students are encouraged to present and discuss creative projects in the Creative Arts and Design category.

Each CSU campus forwards a maximum of 10 presentations and is free to promote the competition, establish a campus selection process, and screen the final submissions in whatever manner the campus coordinator deems best. Local competitions are held in early spring and local winners nominated to represent the campus in the system-wide competition in early May.

Winners of the SJSU Research Competition will be invited to attended the CSU Student Research Competition showcase. More information regarding the 28th Annual CSU Research Competition will be posted here when it become available.

 SJSU Winners of the 27th Annual California State University Student Research Competition

Winner Brian Maurer at Desk

Brian Maurer
Graduate Student
Marine Science
Nicholas Welschmeyer, Faculty Mentor

Optimization of a Technique to Measure Bulk Viable Biomass, Based on the Hydrolysis of Fluorescein Diacetate (FDA) by Ubiquitous Enzymes

First Place, Section 14, Biological and Agricultural Sciences (Graduate)


Daniel Nguyen at Desk

Daniel Nguyen
  Undergraduate Student
Lionel Cheruzel, Faculty Mentor

Highly Efficient Light-Driven P450 Biocatalysts

Second Place, Section 13, Biological and Agricultural Sciences (Undergraduate)