Thesis Publication Information

General Information

Effective Spring 2012 the Office of Graduate Studies & Research (GS&R) has transitioned to a completely paperless system for reviewing master's theses, as well as for submitting them to the external publisher, ProQuest, and to the MLK Library.

While GS&R requires that students email their thesis for initial review and approval to our office, GS&R utilizes a web-based system called an “ETD (Electronic Theses and Dissertations) administrator” for managing the electronic submission of the final GS&R-approved thesis. The ETD administrator enables GS&R to review the final thesis, communicate any additional revisions that may be needed, and send a digital PDF copy to ProQuest and the MLK Library. The ETD administrator also allows students to select a publishing option, order personal copies from ProQuest, and make the appropriate payments.

Full-text versions of the thesis may be available through ProQuest as well as through the MLK Library's online institutional repository, Scholarworks, depending on the publishing and license options the student selects.

The ETD Administrator

SJSU ETD Administrator

Please make sure that you upload your thesis to the ETD administrator only after GS&R has reviewed and approved your thesis. Students who upload their thesis prior to receiving approval from GS&R will have their thesis deleted from the system. Information on the steps for submitting your thesis for initial review and approval by GS&R is available here.

Attention to detail is paramount, especially during this final stage of the thesis review process. The final, PDF copy represents the official record of your culminating experience work at SJSU. GS&R will notify Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations that you have completed the thesis requirement once the final version of your thesis and all supporting documents/payments have been posted on the ETD administrator, and the requested corrections have been verified. The final version of the thesis must be submitted in the manner described on the Final Submission Checklist (pdf).

Publishing and Distribution Agreements

This thesis distribution diagram (ppt) reflects how your thesis will be distributed and the options available to you. There are two agreements that you will be required to fill out:

  1. The ProQuest Publishing Agreement

    The ProQuest Publishing Agreement is embedded into the online ETD submission process. Please refer to “resources & guidelines” on the ETD administrator beforehand to review the publishing options in detail, or contact ProQuest at (800) 521-0600.

    The ProQuest publishing agreement grants ProQuest the non-exclusive right to reproduce and disseminate your work according to the publishing options you select. It is important to note that ProQuest acts as a publisher but does not own the copyright to your thesis. As the author of your thesis, you retain control of the work's intellectual content. Please make sure that you have read and understood the terms of each publishing agreement before selecting a publishing option, as you will not be able to alter your decision until SJSU has delivered the thesis to ProQuest. ProQuest can assist students with refunds and amendments to their publishing agreement once they receive a digital copy of the thesis from the institution. Author options include selecting the type of publishing as well as imposing publishing restrictions.

  2. The SJSU License Agreement

    The SJSU license agreement is part of the Thesis Information Packet that students are required to submit along with their thesis for initial review to GS&R. The agreement is forwarded to the library by GS&R once the final thesis is uploaded to the ETD administrator. The license agreement allows students to communicate the level of access they want others to have to their thesis in the library catalog. Students can choose between SJSU access only (only SJSU faculty, staff, and students would have access to a full text version of the thesis) or worldwide access (anyone searching the library catalog would have access to a full text version of the thesis). An embargo option (delayed release) is also available. Questions about the SJSU license agreement can be directed to the thesis coordinator.

Students should be aware that the thesis title, author name, and abstract will be available for viewing by anyone accessing the library catalog, regardless of what option is selected. The above agreements pertain to the thesis document itself and any supplementary files.