Express Mail

Admitted students who are applying for an F-1 VISA and currently live in their home country are highly encouraged to order Express Mail for their Initial I-20.

If you are admitted, you will receive an admission notice in your MySJSU account that prompts you to sign up for Express Mail within 72 hours. Express Mail is necessary for the tracking of your admission packet, which includes your I-20 and admission letter.

If you do not sign up for Express Mail within the 72 hours, you may jeopardize your ability to gain a VISA interview in time to attend SJSU because admission packets sent by regular overseas mail have taken as long as two months to reach students.

Express Mail Details: Express Mail is a service that allows you to track your admission packet and typically arrives within 5-7 days after we have processed your order. You must pay for Express Mail (approximately $50 USD), which can be paid for with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover cards only).

To request Express Mail of your documents, visit For more information on Express Mail, contact  Our office will be automatically notified of your order and will process as quickly as possible.  As we are notified, you do not have to contact our office to inform us you have ordered Express Mail.  

If you do not complete Express Mail registration within the 72 hours, your admission packet, including I-20, will be sent through regular overseas mail. Packets sent through regular overseas mail cannot be tracked and will take up to two months to receive.

If you decide that you prefer Express Mail after we have issued your I-20 in your admission packet by regular overseas mail, we will not be able to send another I-20 until 30 days has passed.