Graduate Policies

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

The Office of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Studies Committee oversee the Graduate Writing Assessment Program on campus.  They review new course certifications, oversee the course recertification process, GWAR policy, and waivers. Learn more about competency in written English, new course certification, recertification, courses currently certified, and students' satisfaction of GWAR.

University Studies 1290R and Departmental 1290R ("RP Policy" Continuous Enrollment Guidelines

Per S17-5, graduate students with an RP grade in a thesis (299) or project (often 298) course in the Spring 2012 or later semester are required to enroll in the 1-unit course 1290R, in each semester until degree completion for the purpose of continuous enrollment.  The exception is cases in which the department requires repeated enrollment in these classes each semester until completion.  Effective with the Fall 2018 semester, S17-5 will be implemented for graduate students in courses-only and other programs without an RP course. 

See: S17-5, University Policy, Required Enrollment for Culminating Graduate Students