Student Portal

The Office of Graduate & Undergraduate Programs (GUP) offers support, services, and oversight of graduate work in the following areas:

Incoming Graduate Student Orientation

  • Orientation
    Welcome to San José State University! Materials and video presentations to provide an overall view of what to expect as an incoming graduate student.

Graduate Advisors/Coordinators Contacts

Review Committees Managed by GUP

  • Thesis Review
    Read the University Thesis Guidelines and learn about the steps students must take to submit a master's thesis for review and publication.

Scholarships, Awards & Competitions

 Academic Programs

What about admissions and degree requirements?

Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations (GAPE) handles procedures related to admissions, and university level program requirements for graduate students.

Detailed information about applying to a graduate program, sending in transcrpits and other documents, steps for completing a master’s degree (including applying for Candidacy and Graduation), and important forms and deadlines, can be found on our sister website:

Make sure to verify the correct destination and recepient for all correspondence and documents, as GUP is often confused for GAPE!