The Office of Undergraduate Education and the College of Graduate Studies oversees modifications to programs and courses in undergraduate and graduate curriculum, respectively. A number of resources are available to support programs, faculty, and administrators.

Please contact Curriculum at or the Curriculum and Academic Program Analyst Sarah Schraeder, (408) 924-3484.

Curricular Procedures

There are lead times for new courses and degree changes to appear in the Schedule of Classes or be reflected in the University Online Catalog.

Deadlines & Proposal Routing

For information about curriculum deadlines. Proposals are routed for approval as described in each of the sections under "Courses" or "Programs". 

No curricular change, and new degree or concentration may be publicized before final approval. There are legal implications.

All curriculum and program requests must be submitted via SJSU Curriculog.

Approved Curriculum

How do I know what curriculum proposals have been approved? 

  1. Log onto the SJSU Curriculog and used the "Advanced Filter" in the "All Proposals" tab to view completed proposals. 
  2. View the Curriculum Updates slides.




Curriculum Resources