Certificates and Credentials

New certificate programs, or changes to existing certificate programs

Certificates that include degree credit courses are listed in the University Catalog and must be approved by the chair or director, college dean, appropriate AVP, and the Undergraduate or Graduate Studies Committee. (Academic senate policy S16-17)

Certificates including non-degree credit courses that are to be listed in the Special Session Catalog must be approved by the Chair, Dean, appropriate AVP and the dean/AVP of the College of International & Extended Studies.

To propose a certificate, departments should follow the Certificate Program Proposal template (this new template can be used for state and special session offerings). The template along with required coursework, a short memo justifying the certificate program and the associated assessment plan should be submitted via the GUP online management system Curriculog.

For Special Session

New Certificate proposals that are created in a Plan A type (pre-approved courses) only complete Academic Proposal and Program Review form. These two forms should be submitted via the GUP online system Curriculog Program Proposal request form.

 Plan type


New or Modified Credential/Subject Matter Preparation Programs

Proposals for a new credential or subject matter preparation program (diversified and single subject) follow the same campus procedures as required for a new degree, except that, following approval by the dean of the college that oversees the proposal, it is forwarded to GUP, Graduate Studies and Research Committee and then to the Curriculum & Research. Also, the Chancellor's Office is not required to authorize a new credential or subject matter program, and the academic master plan is not changed. The proposal is forwarded by the Provost to the President, who requests approval by the State Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Notification of approval by CTC is usually sent to the Provost, who forwards it to the Dean of the College of Education and to the Dean of the college that proposed the program. Notification must also be forwarded to the AVP for GUP (who notifies the Chancellor's Office). Copies of the CTC approval will also be sent to the Department by GUP.