Department or School Name Change

Changes to a department name require a vote of the department faculty and approval of the dean and Provost. Official memo requesting name change (memo details outlined below) must be routed through Graduate and Undergraduate Programs for Provost approval.

Changes of a department to a school or change of a school name requires review and approval as follows: chair or director, college curriculum committee, college dean, UGS or GS&R Committee, Curriculum and Research Committee and Provost. 

In all cases, the requested change has to be approved by November 1st for inclusion in the following Fall semester catalog. The Department Organization change form must be completed as well in order to change the Organization Tree structure in CMS. See Guidelines and Checklist for forms that must be submitted.

Memo should include the following:

  • Brief description about department and its history.
  • Brief description of academic standards and trends. 
  • Include Data from professional organizations within the discipline
  • Academic Standards
  • Industry Standards
  • Survey of Students
  • How the new name relates to coursework and faculty expertise
  • Faculty support for the new name and alternate names discussed
  • Summary and Conclusion