Minor Changes to Existing Courses

Unless a change in course description is so radical as to constitute a new course, any one or a combination of any or all of the following are considered minor course changes and should be submitted online Curriculog system via the minor course change request. Some changes require changes to overall published academic program requirements and are therefore accepted only in the Fall semester and are noted as such below.

    • Title and/or abbreviated title

    • Description change, prerequisite, or restriction

    • Number and /or alpha prefix or suffix (numbers must be inactive for 5 years before reassigning) (Fall only)

    • Grading method (Fall only)

    • Repeatable or not repeatable for credit

    • Addition of subtitle (usually for special topics/topics based courses)

    • Teaching mode (lecture, lab, staffing formula, C/S factors, etc.) (Fall only)

    • Laboratory, activity, and/or lecture hours

    • Discontinuation/Inactivation (all courses should be offered at least once every two years, subject to removal from catalog if not offered in 3 year period.)

    • Department Course restrictions (Pre-requisites, Co-requisites, Specific majors only, other academic limitations)

    • Permission is required (Course requires consent for enrollment)