SJSU Curriculog

GUP's NEW Curriculum Management System!

All course and program requests/proposals (graduate and undergraduate) will now be submitted through Graduate and Undergraduate Programs new online curriculum management system Curriculog.


Training Guides and Videos

How to create a New Course Proposal (PDF) (Video)

How to create a Minor Course Proposal (PDF) (Video)

How to create a New Degree Program Proposal (PDF) (Video)

How to create a Custom Route (PDF) (Video)

How to review a Curriculum Committee agenda (PDF)

How to make a decision (PDF)

How to filter All Proposals (PDF)

Library Liaison Review (PDF)


How to access the system

Log onto
Curriculog uses single sign on. If you find you do not have access, please email your College Associate Dean with your Name, ID and email address so they can request access for you from the GUP Office.

If you would like to coordinate a department training session, please contact Nicole Mendoza at 4-3484 or email