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General Education

Program Assessment

Program Planning 


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Academic Major/Minor Program (pdf)
  • An updated roadmap (4-year plan of the degree),
  • An updated TMC Roadmap (if applicable)
  • A word document of degree template (from current Catalog) with revisions indicated in yellow/red.

Academic Renewal (pdf) 

(formally known as Disregard of Previous Semester's Work prior to Fall 2009)

**Student Form**

Conditions: If you are a graduating senior with a grade point average (GPA) below 2.0 in your major, minor, SJSU, or overall college coursework, you may request that all grades earned in a previous semester be disregarded, so that you may graduate. Read Instructions on form carefully to see if you qualify.

American Institutions (pdf)

**Student Form**

Conditions: Completion or partial completion of American Institutions requirements at other colleges.


Back-date of Degree (pdf)

**Student Form**

Conditions: All degree requirements completed, but administrative errors prevented degree from being granted.


Certificate Proposal Template (pdf)


Certificate Proposal Form

Cross-List Course Proposal (pdf)  

CORE GE Equivalent Course (pdf)

**Student Form**

Conditions: Courses in any CORE Area completed OUTSIDE the California Community College (CCC) or CSU System, or for CCC or CSU courses articulated to more than one GE Area.


Developmental Studies

The forms for Developmental Studies can be accessed via the links below or by navigating to the Developmental Studies webpage.

  • Approved Course List
  • EO 665 Handbook
  • Final English Grade 
  • Final Math Grade
  • What Math to Take


Extension Request Form (pdf)



Faculty Release Time Request


Must be signed directly into SJSU email.


GE New Course Certification Request

Brief summary of course looking to request certification for a General Education Area.

Graduate/Undergraduate Units Completed (pdf)

**Student Form**

Conditions: Completion of units during SJSU graduate standing now needed for second baccalaureate degree.


Intensive Science Plan (CORE Area B) (pdf)

**Student Form**

Conditions:For undergraduate Students, who have successfully completed in-depth coursework in science that is not certified for GE, may request an alternative package to satisfy those portions of CORE  Physical Science (B1), Life Science (B2), Laboratory Science (B3), and Math Concepts (B4) that have not already been met by approved GE courses.

Intensive Music Plan (CORE Area C) (pdf)

**Student Form**

Conditions: Undergraduate students, who have successfully completed in-depth coursework in music that is not certified for GE, may request an alternative package to satisfy area C. 


 Minor Course Change (pdf)

Use this form to make minor changes to an existing course. Please see the Curriculum Calendar for what changes are accepted during specific calendars.

Modification of Requirements Based on Disability (pdf)

**Student Form**

Conditions: Verified Disability that interferes with ability to complete traditional requirements. See Accessible Education Center.


New Degree Template (pdf) An electronic version of the degree template proposal.
NEW Minor Proposal Template (doc) An electronic version of the proposal for a Minor.

New Permanent or Experimental Course Proposal (pdf)

An Accessible greensheet

Non-Matriculated, Open University Students Taking Advanced GE Courses for Non-GE Credit (pdf)
**Student Form**

Conditions: Only for undergraduate, Open University, and J-1 Visas students who are not matriculated at SJSU and do not plan tomatriculate trying to enroll in SJSU Studies Courses.


Open University Coursework to Satisfy Graduation Requirements (pdf) (formally known as Excess OU units petition)

**Student Form**

Conditions: must have applied for graduation and need these Open university unit to meet 120-unit for baccalaureate credit, 40-unit upper division credits, or the residence requirement for upper division GE.

Opt-out of Grade Forgiveness (pdf)

**Student Form**

Conditions: There are a limited number of Grade Forgiveness units available to students according to University Policy F08-2. Grade forgiveness is awarded automatically when a student is eligible. Grade Forgiveness will always improve students GPA so long as the second attempt at a particular course earns a higher grade than the first attempt. There are very few conceivable situations in which a student would not wish to take advantage of Grade Forgiveness. Form should be submitted by the course add deadline for full consideration. 


Petition for Additional Baccalaureate Credit for International OR Equivalent College Credit (pdf) 

**Student Form**

Conditions: This petition is used to request unit credit for course work taken at an accredited college/university abroad or in the U.S., not granted upon admission.

Submit petition to Admissions Office.

Petition to Appeal a PD 2009-05 Decision (pdf)

**Student Form**

This petition is solely to appeal decisions made under the Implementation Guidelines for the Presidential Directive 2009-05 (http:/ 

Student must submit completed petition to the Undergraduate Studies, Administration 159


Petition to Enroll in SJSU Studies (Area R, S, V, & Z) Courses with Fewer than 60 Units (pdf) 

**Student Form**

Conditions: This petition is ONLY necessary for Lower Division (LD) students, who have passed the Writing Skills Test (WST), seeking to enroll in SJSU Studies (Area R, S, V, & Z) requiring Upper Division (UD) standing as a prerequisite. Even if a petition is approved advanced registration will not be possible for SJSU Studies courses.

Physical Education Requirements(pdf) 

**Student Form**

 Conditions: Extenuating circumstances that prevent completion of requirement. See Kinesiology Department for challenge procedure.
Program Discontinuation Form (pdf)
  • Teach out plan
  • Memo with rationale for Discontinuation
  • Courses to be discontinued, if applicable
  • Minutes or other evidence showing faculty approval
Program Plan Template (doc)   
Program Planning Checklist (doc)   


Re-Admission Petition as a Former Student Returning (FSR) to SJSU for Undergraduates (pdf)  

**Student Form**

This petition applies only to those former SJSU students who were previously enrolled as fully admitted and matriculated students. Students who have only enrolled in Open University are not eligible. Completion of this petition MAY result in a higher admission priority to your desired major degree program.

Retroactive Grade Forgiveness (pdf) (Formerly Retroactive Academic Renewal prior to Fall 2009

**Student Form**

Conditions: Replacement of a lower grade (C- or below) with a better grade obtained when course was repeated. Read Instructions or form careful to see if you qualify.

Reinstatement Petition (pdf) 

**Student Form**

Reinstatement is a process that allows a student who has been disqualified at SJSU to become eligible for Readmission at SJSU.

Return to Earlier GE Pattern (pdf) 

**Student Form**

Conditions: Completion of all GE requirements prior to leaving SJSU, or extenuating circumstances beyond student's control that caused break in enrollment.


Fall 2016 Petition for Course Drop (pdf) 

**Student Form**

Conditions: Use this petition to retroactively drop one course from a semester. Please use a separate petition for each course you wish to drop. If you wish to drop all your classes, use the Fall 2016 Petition for Withdrawal (from ALL Courses) form. Return this petition to Academic Advising & Retention Services. 

Fall 2016 Excess Units Petition (pdf)

**Student Form**

Conditions: Graduating Seniors who filled for graduation through the Registrar's Office on or before May 2016 will be eligible to register for up to 19 units without a petition. Graduating seniors  and students in good academic standing desiring to take up to 21 units can petition as of Monday, August 8, 2016. 

All Request and enrolled classes must be required for the declared degree, or be related to languages, groups, or ensemble-based courses such as debate teams, theater performances, and other auditioned classes. If granted, approvals are only for the exact number of required additional units to add the requested classes. 

Fall 2016 Petition for Withdrawal (from ALL courses) (pdf) 

**Student Form**

Conditions: Use this petition to  retroactively drop ALL your courses for a past semester. Please use a separate petition for each semester you wish to drop. If you wish to drop one class only, use the Fall 2016 Petition for Course Drop form. Return this petition to Academic Advising & Retention Services.


Written Communication II (100W) Requirement (pdf)

**Student Form**

Conditions:  Completion of upper division composition course or demonstration of exceptional writing ability.


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