Changing Degree Information

Minor Changes to Existing Degree Majors, Concentrations, and Minors

Changes to existing degree programs, concentrations, or minors require submission of an Academic Program Revision request, along with uploading supporting materials to the GUP online curriculum request website Curriculog. Changes may include one or more of the following: course additions or deletions, unit changes, course number changes, or addition, deletion, or changes to preparation for and/or support for the major. Requests for concentrations may also require a side-by-side comparison document that outlines requirements in the base degree and concentration. All concentration changes must align with EO 1071 and senate policy 14-9. Please contact GUP to see if your request requires the supplemental documentation. Changes in requirements require review and approval as follows: chair or director, college dean, and appropriate GUP Designee. If the GUP Designee believes the change is major, especially if new resources are involved, GUP may refer to the UGS or GS&R Committee for review.

Changing Degree Designation or Name

Changing a BA to BS, or a similar change in degree category, is considered a new degree for the campus and must follow procedures for new degrees (revised 2017), including prior Chancellor's Office approval before the new designation can be publicized. Condensation of a BA into an existing BS or vice-versa requires official discontinuation of one degree but is otherwise an “Academic Major/Minor Curriculum Change.”

Changing the name of an existing degree or concentration may be permitted so long as the new name conforms to the existing CSU-assigned HEGIS/CIP code for the degree. Some names (e.g., architecture) are restricted. A name change should be requested via the GUP Curriculog web system. The request which includes catalog materials and roadmap(s), along with a memo outlining the reasons for name change and must be approved through the campus curricular approval process through the Curriculum & Research Committee.

Elevating an Option or Concentration to a Full Degree

Any option or concentration that is looking to elevate will prepare a proposal as if it was a new degree, in that it must reflect the needs of the students and the state, be broadly based, and demonstrate depth, relevance and applicability to the real world of work. Please review the Chancellor Office protocol for elevating a degree. Please make sure to review campus deadlines to ensure you submit in a timely manner. All documents to request an elevation must be submitted via the GUP Curriculog system.