FAQ about FYE Course Designation

What are the steps to get approval for a course to be designated FYE?

First, you need to prepare an accessible syllabus which incorporates FYE student learning outcomes (SLO) (and other course outcomes) plus an attachment that describes: 1) the activities and experiences that will help students achieve the FYE SLOs; 2) how those SLOs will be assessed; and 3) how the course meets FYE criteria. The guidelines for FYE courses can be found on the Academic Senate website at www.sjsu.edu/senate/S09-4.htm. If you are also seeking new General Education (GE) certification, see the procedures at www.sjsu.edu/gup/ugs/faculty/ge/newcourses. Contact Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies with any questions about GE certification.

Second, it must go through normal curriculum approval processes for your department and college. If it is an existing permanent course, many campus units have an expedited process for a “minor course change.”

Third, an electronic copy of the materials, along with a new permanent course form or minor curriculum change form, need to be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Studies at graduate-undergrad-programs@sjsu.edu.

Fourth, the Office of Undergraduate Studies will forward the materials to the Undergraduate Studies Committee for review. (If GE designation for a new permanent course is also being requested, the materials will be forwarded to the Board of General Studies concurrently.) The Committee may approve designation, ask for additional information or minor changes, or deny designation. Denials can be appealed to the Curriculum and Research Committee.

Are there any sample materials available?

Because the FYE course designation process is new, no sample materials are currently available. Sample activities for the 4 SLOs have been developed; request them from Debra David at debra.david@sjsu.edu.

Can we attend the Undergraduate Studies Committee meeting when our materials are being considered?

Yes, the meetings are open. In fact, the Committee prefers that you attend to facilitate the designation process. Contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies at 924-2447 for information about time and place.

What is the deadline for completing the approval process for Fall FYE courses?

The deadline is December 20th of the previous year.

Once FYE designation is approved, what are the procedures for assessment and continuing designation?

The assessment and continuing designation procedures are parallel to those for GE assessment and continuing certification and coordinated with the department's normal program planning process. Detailed information about the procedures is available from the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

Can we get technical assistance about developing FYE courses and/or about these procedures?

Yes. During Fall, 2010, Debra David is available for assistance. Contact her at debra.david@sjsu.edu or 924-4848.

Updated October 2010