First Year Experience

Procedures to Request First-Year Experience (FYE) Course Designation

Academic Senate policy S09-4 adopted guidelines for FYE courses. It requires that FYE courses be approved through processes that are consistent with other curricular processes, including any appropriate department/school and college committees. The guidelines identify student learning outcomes, course criteria, and processes for initial and continuing course designation. Proposals for FYE course designation are reviewed by the Undergraduate Studies Committee. If that committee does NOT recommend approval, the department/school can request review by the Curriculum and Research Committee. The full policy and guidelines can be found at

To request designation for a first-year experience course, please include the following materials:

  1. For new courses - A new permanent course proposal form.
  2. For existing courses being modified to meet FYE guidelines :- A minor course change form.
  3. For all courses :- A course greensheet (syllabus). The greensheet should incorporate information about how the course will address the FYE student learning outcomes (as well as other course student learning outcomes) and must be accessible.
  4. For all courses :- An attachment which explains:

A. How students will meet each of the following student learning outcomes through course activities/experiences and how those outcomes will be assessed.

  1. Students will be able to discuss the value of higher education to individuals and society.
  2. Students will be able to locate academic and co-curricular experiences and resources at SJSU that will help them achieve their educational goals.
  3. Students will be able identify the skills and attitudes that contribute to academic success as a university-level scholar and assess their own strengths and limitations in those areas.
  4. Students will be able to demonstrate an ability to participate actively and respectfully in class discussions and dialogues, recognizing how their own and others' identities influence their interactions and how to bridge differences.

B. How the course will meet each of the following course criteria.

  1. Courses offered for first-time freshmen should begin no later than the first semester.
  2. Students should meet with a faculty member in groups no larger than 20 for at least 15 contact hours. (This would permit class formats that combine large lectures with an associated small seminar, activity, or lab or stand-alone 1-unit FYE courses.)
  3. It should provide an appropriate transition to the university for students from multiple majors (3 or more) in a context that allows practice of academic skills with appropriate academic content.
  4. Activities outside the classroom should be encouraged, such as co-curricular programs, supplemental instruction, tutoring, advising, field visits, academic student organizations, and/or service-learning. These activities should improve student engagement and familiarity with campus and community resources. Examples of FYE activities (doc)

C. Contact name, phone, and e-mail address.

Submit an electronic copy of all materials to Undergraduate Studies at