New Degree Programs


Proposals for new programs can take up to 2 years to implement. (1) First a brief program projection must be approved by the CSU Board of Trustees to be included on the Academic Master Plan (requires department and college approval) and (2) the full degree program proposals must be approved by the campus and the Chancellor's Office. As soon as you know your department is considering proposing a new degree, please contact the Curriculum Analyst to discuss proposal process and timelines.

  • The full degree program proposals must first be reviewed as follows: 
    1. Department
    2. College Curriculum Committee
    3. College Dean (or designee, normally College Associate Deans)
    4. Undergraduate Studies (UGS) Committee
      Graduate Studies & Research (GS&R) Committee
    5. Curriculum & Research (C&R) Committee
    6. Provost
    7. Chancellor's Office