New Degree Programs

Procedures for Proposing New Programs

Proposals for new programs can take up to 2 years to implement and must first be approved by the CSU Board of Trustees to be included on the Academic Master Plan prior to proposals being considered by campus. As soon as you know your department is considering proposing a new degree, please contact the Graduate and Undergraduate Program Office to discuss proposal process and to get the proposal on the CSU Academic Master Plan.

Materials must be submitted electronically. All proposals must first be reviewed by your college curriculum committee and then in succession by the UGS/GS&R Committee, the  Curriculum & Research (C&R) Committee, and the Provost. New proposals will then be sent to the Chancellors office for final approval. The entire process generally takes 1-2 years. To minimize the time, it is recommended that proposers consult with the GUP office before committee submission so that issues can be addressed quickly to ensure proposal is stays on the right track.

The Chancellor's Office submission procedures for CSU bachelor's and master's degree program proposals were developed in July 2010 and are revised every few years. Below are some of resources departments will need to prepare a state or self-support proposal.

New Program Resources:

CSU Degree Proposal and Approval Process Flowchart (pdf)
Faculty Proposal Checklist (doc)
Program Proposal Template and Tips 2018 (doc)
Assessment Plan Template (doc)
Course List (doc)
Curriculum Map Template (doc)
Self-Support Proposing a New Program
Self-Support Checklist (doc)
Self-Support Sample Budget Template (xls)