Changes in C-Grading for GE

Policy S99-6 changes the status of C- grades for granting credit in GE Basic Skills courses, and also in 100W.GE Basic Skills Courses are:

  • mathematical concepts (B4);
  • critical thinking (A3);
  • oral communication (A1); and
  • written communication Ia and Ib -- Engl 1A and 1B .

The following applies to all Basic Skills Courses and 100W, beginning Spring, 2000 , regardless of date of continuous enrollment.

¥ To earn GE credit in 100W and in any GE Basic Skills course, even those traditionally graded A-F, the student must earn a C or better. A Student earning a C- or below, as low as a D-, will receive unit credit for the course, but will not receive GE credit. This policy brings SJSU into compliance with a CSU standard already mandated for transfer students.

¥ Even if grade rosters still show grades below C as an option, any grade entry of C- or below entered by the instructor will automatically be converted to a No Credit in English 1A, 1B and all 100W's.

¥ Non-GE issue. A student who elects to take a graded course, any graded course, for Cr/NC must earn a C or better to receive Credit. While this is not specifically stated in the new policy, it is a reasonable corollary of the policy change for courses graded ABC/NC, and will be SJSU procedure unless and until policy states otherwise.

¥ Math Exception :Students whose major satisfies the math GE math concepts requirement (largely Science and Engineering) must earn a C or better in the entry-level math course already approved in Area B4, or in any moreadvanced math course that substitutes for the Area B4 course. If a major requires more than one math course, the student need earn a C in only one of those courses to satisfy the GE requirement. Thus, an Engineering or Science Student who gets C-'s in the first two semesters of calculus would, under current catalog guidelines, be allowed to progress to the third semester of calculus; should the student get a C in that third semester, the GE math requirement would be satisfied.