Program Planning Committee

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The Program Planning Committee (PPC) is an Academic Senate committee that reports to the Curriculum and Research Committee of the Academic Senate. The composition of the committee includes: two faculty members from each college, two faculty or staff at large, a graduate and an undergraduate student, the Director of Assessment, the AVPs of UGS, GS&R, and IEA, and the Provost. The list of current members can be found on the Senate website.

The PPC performs a campus peer review of the program plan and associated documentation for all programs at SJSU after the department and dean have responded to the external review. The PPC is responsible for drafting Letters to the Provost, which summarize key points in the program plan and associated documentation, as well as the committee review and recommendations. Other roles of the PPC include the following:

  • Acts as liaisons between the colleges and the PPC in communicating requirements of program planning, as well as feedback and concerns of the deans and departments.
  • Recommends to the Curriculum and Research Committee proposed changes in the policy and guidelines and other matters relating to program planning and review.

PPC Members

PPC Meeting Minutes

Program Records- Assessment and Program Planning documents

For specific information regarding the program plannning process, please visit the UGS Program Planning webpage.