Provost's Awards 2009

Provost Sigler established the Provost's Assessment Awards in 2007. These awards recognize faculty who are contributing outstanding work toward understanding and improving student learning in programs across the university.

2009 Awards

The Awards this year focus on "closing the loop" the term adopted by many accreditation agencies to describe using evidence to improve the program - and then following up by looking at new evidence to see whether the intended improvement did indeed improve student learning. Best practices in each college can be viewed in the individual program reports.

College of Applied Sciences and Arts

The Provost recognizes the Department of Occupational Therapy for initiating departmental writing standards in response to the needs of students. Occupational Therapy Report (doc)

College of Business

The Provost recognizes Dominie Garcia for leading the effort to assess student performance in the Business Capstone

and the Department of Accounting and Finance for thier efforts to improve student learning with special recognition of Mallory McWilliams, Suresh Ahuja, Bill DeVincenzi, Janis Zaima. Finance Report (doc)

College of Education

The Provost recognizes Elaine Chin for developing a sustainable process of assessment for the College of Education.

More on Assoc. Dean Chin's work (doc)

College of Engineering

The Provost recognizes Associate Dean Ahmed Hambaba for leading the assessment effort in the College of Engineering and Raymond K. Yee of Mechanical Engineering and Bill Barrett of Computer Engineering for using assessment evidence to improve student learning.

Mechanical Engineering report (doc)

Computer Engineering report (doc)

College of Humanities and the Arts

The Provost recognizes faculty of the Creative Writing MFA for using student feedback to improve the curriculum.

Creative Writing Report (doc)

College of Science

The Provost recognizes faculty in the Mathematics Department with special recognition of Mohammad Saleem and Bradley Jackson for using evidence of student learning to improve performance in calculus and precalculus. These core courses benefit many departments on campus.

Math Report (doc)

College of Social Science

The Provost recognizes Patricia Lopes Don and Aime McNamara for their work developing History 99 to help students with their writing needs in the discipline.

History 99 Report (doc)