Transfer Student Survey

May 2007

Dear SJSU Student,

As part of SJSU's strategic planning efforts, we are creating a first year experience for all new students Ð both freshmen and transfers. To assist us in meeting the transition needs of our transfer students, the planning committee for the first year experience has created a survey for transfer students who started at SJSU in fall 2006.

The survey can be completed online at the URL provided in this email. It should take between 4 and 12 minutes to complete the survey. You are free to withdraw (stop taking the survey) or skip any questions once you begin. If an alternative format is required or desired, please contact me at or (408) 924-3508. The survey asks a few background questions, as well as questions about your experience during your first year at SJSU and programs and activities you think we should consider.

Although the results of this survey may be published, no information that could identify you will be included. Your participation in this survey is voluntary and you answering the questions indicates your agreement to participate. Choosing to not participate in this survey will in no way affect your relations with San José State University.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact me at (408) 924-3508 or If you have questions or complaints about this project, please contact Dr. Robert Cooper, Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Studies at (408) 924-2447. Thank you.


Professor Annette Nellen
Chair, First Year Experience Planning Panel