University Studies



 University Studies provide opportunities for students to have integrated and applied interdisciplinary experiences. The courses offered by the Undergraduate Studies Office are to promote leadership among students.

UNVS 015C: Statway C: Statistics-Concepts & Methods

UNVS 016C: Statway C: Statistics-Concepts & Methods

UNVS 057: Community Involvement and Personal Growth

UNVS 090: Leadership in Residential Life

UNVS 095: Special Topics in Student Leadership Development

UNVS 095A: Service Learning for Academic Leaders

UNVS 095B: First Year Experience- Academic Success

UNVS 095V: Warriors at Home: Success in College and Life

UNVS 096E: Leadership and Creating Change

UNVS 120: Peer Mentor

UNVS 125M: McNair Research Colloquium

UNVS 190: University Internship

UNVS 195H: Interdisciplinary Research Practicum

UNVS 199: Orientation Leadership Studies

UNVS 295H: Interdisciplinary Research Graduate Practicum

UNVS 1006: Developmental Mathematics

UNVS 1015A: Statway A: Statistics-Concepts & Methods

UNVS 1015B: Statway B: Statistics-Concepts & Methods

UNVS 1015D: Statway Algebra Review Activity

UNVS 1016A: Statway A: Statistics-Concepts & Methods

UNVS 1290R: Culminating Experience Supervision