Academic Advising

Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete all General Education Requirements
  2. Complete all major Requirements
  3. Submit a Graduation application along with a completed Major Form that is signed and sealed in a Department Envelope to the Registrar's window. Be sure to make a copy of EVERYTHING you submit for your own records.
  4. Wait for a Graduation worksheet. This document will be emailed to your preferred email address you have on file on Please keep this email address current to receive all important University messages and documents.
  5. Double check the requirements left on your Graduation Worksheet against your Graduation Review appointment documents.
  6. Should there be any changes to your Major or Minor forms after you have submitted your Graduation Application, you will need to submit a substitution form that is signed and sealed in a department envelope to indicate the new course you will be taking instead of what you had planned originally. 
  7. If you are not graduating in the term that you applied for graduation, please submit a Graduation Date Change Form to the Registrar's Window by first paying a $10 fee at the Bursar's window and getting your form stamped. *Failure to do so will result in you not receiving a Registration Date for the following term because the University will think that you have already graduated.