Graduation Application

Students who have 90 or more units that count toward their degree program are eligible to apply for graduation. Students planning to graduate in the fall must apply for graduation no later than April 1 in the preceding spring term.

To ensure that you have satisfied all of your graduation requirements, please do the following:

1. Make an appointment with your major/faculty advisor to obtain an official Major Form (and minor form if applicable) for graduation. The major/minor form and graduation application should be signed and sealed by your major advisor. Make copies of the forms for yourself, as you will also need them for the next step.

2. Make an appointment with an academic advisor in the Humanities and Arts Student Success Center, and have a copy of your major form ready for them to view. Appointments can be made in person (Clark Hall, 244) or by phone (408-924-5095).

4. Prior to your appointment in the Success Center, you will need to fill out a Graduation Requirements Checklist. Please have this completed before you meet with an academic advisor. Appointments are limited, so book your appointment soon!

5. Submit the following documents in a sealed envelope to the Office of the Registrar (Window “R” in the Student Services Center):

a. University Graduation Application

b. Major form(s)

c. Minor form (If applicable)

After you submit your graduation application, updates on your graduation status will post on your MySJSU on the Academic Requirements page. When the Registrar’s Office officially receives your graduation application, your status will change from “Not Applied” to “Applied for Graduation.” When you see that the status is updated to “Needs to finish pending work,” check your SJSU email for an email from Linda Ho, our graduation evaluator. The email will include a pdf attachment entitled “Graduation Worksheet.” Double check all courses on that worksheet, and complete any necessary substitution forms with your major advisor if any changes are made during your final semester. If you have any questions about your graduation worksheet, bring it to the H&A Student Success Center and speak with an academic advisor.’re almost there!

H&A Success Center Advising Team