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The San José City Council unanimously endorsed SJSU's proposal to operate the Hammer Theatre Center for the next three years.

At SJSU, we are excited about the possibilities of reactivating the Hammer Theatre Center with dynamic, diversified programming. We are working to build a Collaborative for Arts, Innovation, and Technology to revitalize San José by expressing the ideas and creativity inherent in Silicon Valley.


The Hammer Theatre Center is a distinctive, high-quality performance venue in the heart of downtown San José. Operated by San José State University, the theatre serves the university and the community through artistically and educationally excellent programming expressive of the unique characteristics and diverse cultures that comprise Silicon Valley.


The Hammer Theatre Center is a unique performing arts facility that serves as a nexus between the university and the community, San José and the Bay Area, and local and global talent. We produce and present innovative programming that reflects Silicon Valley’s culture of creativity, diversity, and technology. We invite audiences to experience the beauty, spontaneity, and human connection made possible through live performance.

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