Assessment—MA Program Learning Outcomes

Graduate Program Learning Outcomes (MA History)

By the time students complete their Master of Arts degree program in history, they should be able to:

  1. See themselves and their society from different times and places, displaying a sense of informed perspective and a mature view of human nature.
  2. Read and think critically, write and speak clearly and persuasively, and conduct research effectively.
  3. Exhibit sensitivities to human values in their own and other cultural traditions.
  4. Appreciate their natural and cultural environments.
  5. Respect scientific and technological developments and recognize their impact on humankind.

Graduate Program Learning Outcomes (MA, Concentration in History Education)

By the time students complete their Master of Arts degree in history, with a concentration in history education, they should be able to demonstrate the learning in the Master of Arts program above and additionally be able to:

  1. Participate knowledgeably in the affairs of the world around them, drawing upon understandings shaped through reading, writing, and lectures concerning the past.