Leave Programs

Anita Vasquez
Manager, Benefits & Payroll
(408) 924-2271

The CSU offers a variety of leave programs applicable to all faculty, managers, confidential, and staff employees unless noted otherwise.

The Leave of Absence may affect:

  • Required probationary period, credit towards probation, sabbatical eligibility, and service salary step increase
  • Salary bonus programs
  • Service toward sick leave and vacation accrual
  • Accumulation of seniority points
  • State service in the California state retirement system (CalPERS)
  • State service with the University
  • Benefit Eligibility

Refer to the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement regarding possible effects of an approved leave of absence.

Faculty are only eligible for leave programs during the academic year.  Calculations for summer pay are based on hours worked or sick pay during the spring semester.  To submit a leave request, please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs at (408) 924-2450.