What is with Enhanced IDL (EIDL)?



You must be an active member of CalPERS and a member of CSU bargaining unit 8 to be eligible to receive EIDL. If you are determined to be a “qualified injured worker” and you are offered a reasonable return-to-work assignment, you must agree to cooperate and participate in the plan when furnished by the CSU. The EIDL benefit does not apply to presumptive, stress-related disabilities, any psychiatric disability, or any physical disability arising from a psychiatric injury.

EIDL pays you your full net pay for up to 1 year of disability, as long as your absences occur within 1 year of your date of injury. While you are paid EIDL, your normal CalPERS retirement contributions and voluntary deductions such as health, dental, and vision plans continue. You continue to accrue sick leave and vacation credits. The University pays EIDL to you monthly.