Accommodations Review Board (ARB) & Committee

The Accommodations Review Board (ARB) was established in 1995 by President Robert Caret with Presidential Directive (PD) 95-04. PD 95-04 has been superseded by PD 97-03. The ARB was formed to act as a dispute resolution board that reviewed conflicts between students and faculty regarding accommodations prescribed by the AEC. Since the ARB’s inception, the ARB has developed a Committee that serves in an official advisory capacity to the President, Provost, and Vice Presidents, in addition to serving as a dispute resolution board. The ARB reports directly to the Provost.

ARB Scope

Review of policy, physical accessibility & program access, review of campus practices, campus life & programs for compliance.

Review of student disability accommodations disputes when referred to the Board by the Department Chair, Director or AEC Director.

Directives & Policies

The ARB is charged by the following directives and policies: