ARB Sub-Committees

Accessible Instructional Materials

  1. Goal 1: Review policies & procedures and recommend changes as needed (e.g. WST substitution waiver; priority registration)
  2. Goal 2: Review access & accommodation of students as they relate to instructional materials
  3. Goal 3: Review and collaborate with ATI subcommittee on plans and policies

Campus Access

  1. Goal 1: Proactively work on review of new construction and give input
  2. Goal 2: Review existing facilities and do audits as needed
  3. Goal 3: Review and respond to barrier issues presented to committee by students/staff
  4. Goal 4: Develop recommendations for prioritizing ADA minor capital outlay list
  5. Goal 5: Work closely with FD&O to address accessibility of SJSU facilities

Health & Wellness

  1. Goal 1: Review on an ongoing basis the evacuation of people with disabilities (e.g. training and use of EvaHealth & Wellness
  2. cu-trac chairs; revision of policy we currently have regarding evacuation)
  3. Goal 2: Review and recommend the implementation of "Non-emergency Evacuation" policies
  4. Goal 3: Review and evaluate personal safety issues for people with disabilities
  5. Goal 4: Review & recommend health & wellness issues & work with campus Wellness Committee
  6. Goal 5: Review on an ongoing basis the inclusion of students with disabilities in all aspects of campus life