Employee Services

Employee Services
(408) 924-1117

Stacy Perez
Lead, Employee Services
(408) 924-7785

Employee Services Analyst
(408) 924-1706

Budget and Immigration Analyst
(408) 924-2264

Sharon Austin
Employee Services Representative

(408) 924-2153

Employee Services Representative
(408) 924-1703
Crystal Salinas
Employee Services Representative
(408) 924-2023

Diane Quintos
Employee Services Operations Lead
(408) 924-2140
Aggie Anaya
Administrative Services Representative
(408) 924-2250

Employee Services conducts New Employee Orientation, audits Federal Form I-9's to verify employment eligibility, ensures personnel transactions for all university employees are processed in a timely and effective manner, and facilitates exit interviews. 

Front Desk

The Front Desk team is comprised of our Administrative Support Services Representatives. The team is committed to delivering quality customer service. They play a critical role as first point of contact to faculty, staff, and students and strive to create a positive customer experience in the most effective and accurate manner.

Budget and Immigration Analyst

The Budget and Immigration Analyst processes newly hired employees that are classified as nonresident aliens. In addition, the Budget and Immigration Analyst conducts I-9 audit processes to ensure our department is in compliance with state and federal laws. Furthermore, the Budget and Immigration Analyst provides professional expertise, guidance and support in developing and administering internal Human Resources' operating budgets.

Employee Services Analyst

The Employee Services Analyst monitors, analyzes and reports on the Human Resources' operational performance. The analyst is responsible for the planning, coordinating and implementing operational programs and guidance for Employee Services; and as it relates to Payroll. In addition, the Employee Services Analyst is responsible for managing the payroll warrant distribution and verification of employment.

Office Support

The Office Support team includes the Employee Services Operations Lead and Student Assistant staff. They are responsible for imaging confidential documents and play a critical role in providing assistance to Human Resources staff. One of their many functions is to assist in internal short term and long term projects.