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Senior Director, Human Resources
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Ken Guzzetta
Sr Business Analyst
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Business Analyst
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We are committed to maintaining high quality and customer-focused technology that integrates and coordinates with university needs. We ensure data integrity in Human Capital Management (HCM) and provide reports and data analysis for the purpose of evaluating HR function and programs.

HCM is one of Oracle PeopleSoft's web-based, single system solutions that covers every aspect of the HCM roadmap, from core HR transactional functionality through service automation and delivery to complete enterprise talent management solutions.

HCM enables us to manage our entire workforce from recruitment to retirement in a more effective and efficient manner.

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See the CHRS Project page for information on the systemwide consolidation of the PeopleSoft HR databases.

Our Services:

    • Serves as the central resource for all Human Resources data in  Oracle PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) and Cal State University - Personnel/Payroll Information Management System (PIMS)  
    • Conducts research and analyzes information to support campus personnel and planning for Human Resources
    • Develops employee related data queries and data procedures for the campus community
    • Supports the development, implementation, audit functions and integration of HCM
    • Trains HR staff on new HCM processes and other databases for data analysis
    • Serves as the liaison in the Campus Community Committee in resolving duplicate employee ids between Human Resources, Student Administration and Professional Development Center
    • Represents HR in the CSU wide Human Resources Users Group in researching and resolving HCM and PIMS issues.