Making the Offer

Once the selection committee and the hiring manager have completed the interview process and returned the selection packet to HR via iSupport, Workforce Planning will review the packet for consistency, legalities and appropriate comments and notes.

Workforce Planning will provide the hiring manager with a salary analysis that includes an appropriate and equitable hiring range for the position. The analysis looks at the salary of the prior incumbent, similar positions across campus (and the CSU when appropriate), and the experience of the applicant. In many cases we will also review industry salaries in the area to provide a more thorough analysis of the compensation. The analyst makes every effort to ensure equity across campus and will discuss concerns if an inequity may be created. If you need to go beyond this range, please contact your Workforce Planning Analyst. Salaries for management employees must be approved by the President before offered to the candidate.

Once given the approval by Workforce Planning, the Hiring Manager extends the verbal job offer. When you extend the offer, you should include the following:

  • Classification and working title of the position
  • Location and working hours
  • Salary, including benefits information
  • Any other pertinent information necessary for the job
  • Due date for applicant's response to your offer

If a candidate requests the offer in writing, please contact your Workforce Planning Analyst.

Once the candidate has accepted the position, please respond to the email your Workforce Planning Analyst sent giving you the approval to extend the offer. An On Boarding Coordinator will contact the candidate and the hiring manager to set up New Employee Orientation and the individual benefits orientation. Please remind the candidate to bring appropriate identification to complete the process.