Job Related


Employees may take courses specifically to improve their performance in their current job or to prepare for anticipated upcoming changes in their job duties through job related. These employees are not matriculated students and are not registered through Open University. However, classes are taken for credit and will be posted on the student's official transcript. Employees can also take courses which are prerequisites for a degree program they are planning on applying to.

Appropriate administrators  may authorize the use of State time for all units (except Unit 8) for one class depending on the needs of the department, or they may allow changes in work schedules to accommodate a class schedule. Appropriate administrators are not obligated to do either, and employees may have to take fee waiver classes on their own time. The operational needs of the department must be met. Participants in Unit 8 may not take classes on State time.

Fees Covered by Fee Waiver

See the Premium/Rates page on the CSYou website (requires SJSUOne/CSU login) for details on the fees covered through the Fee Waiver Program.

Please note - Participation in the fee waiver program shall entitle an employee to instructional services but not to student services. Staff members utilizing the fee waiver program will be charged the staff rate for student services such as the Clipper Card, membership to the Sport Club and group fitness passes.