Hiring Student Assistants


Student employees are defined as matriculated students that work part-time in any of the University’s departments as Work Study Student Assistants and Student Assistants.

They may be assigned to clerical, technical, maintenance, paraprofessional or other duties related to the instructional or administrative functions of the University.

To hire a student assistant, complete the Student Assistant Appointment form and also refer to the last page of the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification that lists acceptable citizenship verification documents that must be presented on the first day of hire.

Graduate Assistants, Teaching Associates and Instructional Student Assistants: Refer to University Policy S99-2 established by the Office of Faculty Affairs.

Work Study Student Assistants

Work Study Student Assistants have a predetermined financial need and are employed on a part-time basis (max of 20 hours during the semester; more during school breaks) in the Federal Work Study Program. The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office determines enrollment through financial eligibility. Work Study Student Assistants must be matriculated students. Upon graduation, they may not remain in a Work Study Student Assistant position.

International Students

International Students have F-1 and J-1-Student visas and may work on campus only 20 hours a week during the semester, but may work full-time during vacation or break periods.

To be employed, the student must also have a Social Security card. To apply for a Social Security card, the student needs to obtain the following:

  • Job offer from the campus
  • Letter from International Programs & Services (ADM 223B) confirming the student is eligible to work
  • Go to Social Security Administration Office: Room 244 2nd Floor, 280 S First Street, San José, CA 95113


Then each semester, the student provides Human Resources with the following:

  • Current I-20/DS2019 form
  • Passport
  • Letter from the International Programs & Student Services Office
  • Social Security card

For more information, visit International Programs & Services or contact the Immigration and Non-Resident Tax Specialist in Procurement.